Ducted Vacuum Systems

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Ducted Vacuum Systems‌

A ducted vacuum system is a vision of the future, available right now. Imagine being able to vacuum your home without wires, or without having to push around a heavy vacuum cleaner containing the collection bag and power unit. With a ducted system, the power supply, machinery and collection is all done from one unit which can be mounted conveniently, or even out of site, in the garage or behind walls. You simply plug your vacuum pipe directly into a wall socket and dirt, debris and dust is sucked out of the atmosphere and into a central, high capacity unit which requires far less frequent emptying than a standard vacuum cleaner.

The practical benefits of ducted vacuum systems are clear, but they also have a positive effect on health factors. By venting particles out of your home, they ensure the atmosphere stays free of dust and dirt. This extra clean air helps with conditions such as asthma, eczema and allergies. Customers who have had ducted vacuum systems installed report cleaner carpets, furniture and upholstery, with fresher air and quicker cleaning times.

We can supply and install ducted vacuum systems to make your home cleaner, fresher and years ahead of its time.

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